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What is BizMut’s approach to business audience performance marketing?


BizMut specializes in B2B performance marketing by targeting relevant business audiences with laser-precision across a diverse range of marketing platforms and channels. We ensure that the right message is efficiently delivered to the decision makers in your target group at a time when they are ready to take action, engage with your products or request your services.

Performance marketing in our view means one simple thing: Marketing shouldn’t be considered a cost, but a measurable investment.

In the past, this approach has been exclusively used by large B2C spenders because the measurement infrastructure required for this would only pay off in large monthly media spending scenarios.

This has changed: Cloud based data warehouse infrastructures, affordable tracking solutions and improved targeting capabilities on advertising networks like Google AdWords, LinkedIn Ads or Facebook Ads have made it possible to run smaller B2B budgets efficiently and with accountability.

We manage campaigns for our clients on Google AdWords, LinkedIn ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, the Doubleclick AdExchange, Amazon Advertising and content marketing networks like Outbrain, Taboola or Ligatus.



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audiences and messagING

  • Together with our clients, we define the key audience segments to target (e.g. sales professionals, freelancers, specific industries)
  • We help in defining and creating the marketing and content products for that audience (landing pages, convincing ad copy, online content)

Implement targeting

  • We identify the best targeting options to reach the audience segments across the most relevant marketing platforms
  • We build out granular campaign structures that are easy to optimize and inhouse at a later stage

campaign optimization

  • We are able to cover all major digital advertising networks with cutting edge campaign optimization know-how
  • We are continuously optimizing campaigns and shifting media spend towards the most profitable channels
  • We report on reach, engagement and ROI in custom built reports for the clients across all channels

How is this different from my existing online marketing agency?


Most of our clients are fast growing venture capital or private equity funded companies. They don’t need agencies that keep valuable learnings to themselves and blind-side them with media deals that feed kick-backs into their own pocket. On the contrary; they need to test marketing channels quickly and thoroughly, identify what works best in reaching their marketing goals and preparing the client to in-house channels successfully.

We help them by working in transparent task management systems and on fair hourly rates. We help by reviewing the current marketing attribution approach and give clear hands-on guidance on how to make the marketing more accountable. We even go the extra mile and build custom marketing attribution middlewares on demand, so you can more accurately determine what media investments are working in which channel.

Clients have direct Skype or instant messenger access to campaign optimization and strategy specialists. You do not need to go through a centralized account management that’s always in meetings and doesn’t understand your requirements.

We have senior people doing the actual work

The typical agency has senior sales people and junior campaign managers. While clients are pitched on competence, people doing the actual optimization work have often less than six months experience. At BizMut there are no unguided junior missiles working on your marketing budget.

Our colleagues include Google alumni, large media agency network alumni and ex team-leads from large online advertisers - all doing the actual work!


We’re your outsourced performance marketing department:

Proactive, knowledgeable, available.

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Meet the team


Bjoern Sjut

Managing director

  • Former Bertelsmann employee
  • 10+ years digital marketing experience, managing large scale international teams
  • Experienced online marketing consultant and BI consultant

Niall Donohoe

Managing Director

  • Former Google employee
  • 10+ years experience managing >$500k/month digital media budgets
  • Expertise in Facebook, Google, Twitter & LinkedIn Advertising